Some Good SEO Strategies for Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is directly related to your site promotion. It always used for good ranking of any site. A good off page optimization means a very good traffic on your site, and a good traffic means a good business for your site. Off page is also one is the part of SEO like on page optimization, both are essential for any web site.

Off page optimization world is biggest world in internet. There are so many techniques and so many channels for off page optimization. It depends on you what you want to choose. Article submission, directory submission, Blogging, Blog commenting, Affiliate marketing, Forum signature, Press Release, etc. All channels have their own strategies. Each and every channel has its own guidelines. Most of web masters use all strategies; some use only specific strategies, it’s all depends on your wish. If you are beginner and you just started off page optimization, you must know all these SEO Strategies, you must use only article submissions and directory submissions. Both are easy and also beneficial for your site. Before starting and using any channel, you must know all the basics of that channel. Because a wrong off page may ban your site, it will be harmful for your business. Now off page optimization used in two different ways first is white hat SEO and black hat SEO. You must use only white hat SEO but you must know about black hat SEO.

Right white hat SEO surely increase your site ranking in search engines but black hat SEO may harm your site. So be careful if you are using black hat SEO.


~ by rahuljain07 on October 22, 2008.

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