SEO Tips and SEO Strategies For Link Exchange

SEO Tips and SEO Strategies both can put your site in very good position. Big problem is how to know the site, in which you are giving the link of your site, is right or not as per SEO point of view.

SEO is depends on page rank. Page rank shows the quality of any site in Google. Always try to take the link from high page rank site at least more than two page rank. If you want to do link exchanges with other site, always check how many sites have taken the link of the site. If the site has already more links it will not be helpful for your site. Always check the relevancy also. If you have any SEO site and you are doing link exchange with any game site. It will not be useful for you; neither will you get the targeted traffic nor get good outcome of link exchange. Main benefit of link exchange is it increases the backlink of your site and traffic in your site. Link exchange is one of the best SEO Strategies for getting back links and traffic both. If you can do one way link exchange it will be more effective as Google always love one way link exchange process.

Take the advantage of these SEO tips and start doing link exchange with quality sites. Your site will be on good position.


~ by rahuljain07 on January 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “SEO Tips and SEO Strategies For Link Exchange”

  1. One more thing that you should have quality Link Building …in such a way that you should consider pagerank of that page where you submitted your site and total no of outbound Links to it…if you are successfully done with this calculation no one can stop you from getting high PR..

  2. link building is important, but i would say it is even essential to build a community in the same niche.

  3. your information is well informative but one thing i would like to add along with this that while link exchange one should keep in mind that how many links are there in that page where you are posting your link as the PR juice will equally passes to all of them.
    So if they have more links then the part which you will get is very less. Think it !

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