SEO Strategies for Backlinks

Backlink in SEO has a great worth. It is very true that good backlinks shows your site stability in search engines. That is way very important to know all SEO Strategies and SEO tips for backlinks.

If you are writing any content and you want to submit it in to article directories, you will definitely want that the article will come in your backlink. This is very important that search engine must know the particular article is related to your site. Article must have your site keywords, must have a good description of article in summary section. Not all articles submitted by web master come in backlink because some articles have been promoted for only link building purpose. If you want to get backlink of your submitted article, your article must be related to your site theme. Article category must be related to your site theme. It will create a great impact on Google and it will add in your site backlink. If you are promoting your blog and you are submitting the article also for your blog promotion, give an anchor text link in your blog segment to your approved article URL. Your blog will get definitely backlink of the submitted article.

Try all these SEO Strategies for your articles you will definitely get a good response and quick result.


~ by rahuljain07 on January 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “SEO Strategies for Backlinks”

  1. Do you think writing in article directory’s give decent quality backlinks?

  2. I did not talk about decent backlinks. I just explained how you can get the backlink from article directories.

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