SEO Strategies for Forums

Forum is the also one of the best SEO Strategies for increase the traffic of your site. SEO has a lot of channels but this channel is popular for web masters specially. So many web masters always join some good SEO forums where they share their knowledge with other web masters and site owners.

SEO Strategies depend on the links of your site. Your will be index fast and get a good position if you promoted your site with keyword as well as links. We can also give our site link in forums. There are so many ways; you can give your site URL directly in any thread. You can give your site link with anchor text also in thread. Best way to give link in forum is signature link. Signature link always appear whenever you start new thread or reply in any thread. Problem is that how you will get a back link from forum and how you get the traffic. First concept is, you must sing in at least one time in a day. You must participate in the thread who already cached by Google. This is the common practice of all the forum users that they never replied back in the forums. They only give one reply and increase their credibility. This is bad habit. You must give reply back in all your threads. A thread that has your two or three replies and it is indexed by Google; it definitely will count in your backlinks by Google. This is the only fact that you should follow for forums.

Good web masters always give reply back in all the threads. Forum is a best place to promote your site and increase your site SEO. SEO Strategies for forums always work in all search engines.


~ by rahuljain07 on December 30, 2008.

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