Social Book Marking – One of The Best SEO Strategies for Traffic

So many SEO Strategies are available to get the traffic but social book marking is the best. The main feature is book marking is it is free. Google always love this channel for SEO promotion of any site.

So many sites are available in the internet, which provide the facility for bookmarking. is the best. Some other good sites are delicious, furl, reddit, digo and propeller. You have to create an account in all the sites and submit your web site articles and book mark you stories and articles. Digg is the best that is way you have to little bit careful with this. Never submit more than one article of your site in a day. Ignore spamming with Digg. If you will submit more inner pages of your site, surely you will get ban in the You will not be able to submit more stories with the same IP in Digg. This is the restriction with all the sites. If any other person read your article and he will book mark you in any book marking site, you will get backlink of that article in your site that is very true. If you are working in book marking for your client site or professionally, you may submit 8-10 stories with one user. Some persons use stumbleupon for social book marking but it is not a social book marking site, it can increase only traffic of your site.

The main advantage of this book marking is people will read your article and traffic come in your site from all over the world. All SEO Strategies are good, if you are using correctly.


~ by rahuljain07 on November 27, 2008.

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