Which Type of SEO Strategies You Are Using?

SEO Strategies definitely make your site more effective in search engines. You can get much traffic and good ranking by right SEO. But there is another part of SEO also, that can be wrong one for your site. Black Hat SEO may ban your site in search engines.

SEO is for promotion of your site. All SEO Strategies made for achieve good traffic and ranking. It is not true that more submissions or more promotion of your site can put you in the top position. Some times more submissions may harmful for your site. If you are doing directory submission make sure that the directory you are using must have good PR. Twenty to thirty submissions in a month is sufficient for your site. Some web masters believe in more directory submissions. But now the time has come when you should ignore more directory submissions. Google has totally ignored directory submissions. The reason behind way directory submission has no longer in the web master guidelines of Google that some web masters do a lot of submissions. Always check the age of link directory, article directory, blog hosts with the help of way back machine. If the source of your promotion is new, you can use it. Just do ten to fifteen article submissions in good article directories. Best way to achieve back links is link exchange. Prefer one way link exchange as Google loves one way link exchange.

SEO Strategies are not difficult. But it is very difficult to do submissions with right strategies. If you are not doing same what we discussed above, then you are doing wrong SEO for your client.


~ by rahuljain07 on November 25, 2008.

One Response to “Which Type of SEO Strategies You Are Using?”

  1. I am using organic SEO for my all sites. and also check on page SEO for same.

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