What are the SEO Strategies?

If you want to learn SEO Strategies so first you have to learn SEO. You have to understand the meaning of SEO. SEO is the process to put your site in high raking in different search engines by some specific keywords.

SEO Strategies are SEO tricks. With the help of these tricks and methods you can put get good ranking of your site in search engines. Some good search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN. All search engines have their own strategies. Whatever you are doing for promoting your site it comes in SEO Strategies. There are so many ways to promote your site in search engines. But the basic fundamental is to take a link of your site in some good ranking sites. Good ranking sites may be in the form of article directories, link directories, Blog hosting sites, Social book marking sites, hubpages or you can contact with other site owners for link exchange process. One most important method is participating in good forums. Some forums accept direct link of your site in your threads, some accept links only in signature. You can use both the methods; both are useful and give the traffic to your site.

You can choose any strategy for your site. But try to promote your site with the help of white hat SEO Strategies. White hat always give you a fix position in search engines.


~ by rahuljain07 on November 15, 2008.

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