Black Hat SEO

So many companies work on the black hat marketing techniques and SEO Strategies. It’s a kind of search marketing. It is just like a misuse of the search engine techniques or we can say that it’s just cheating the search engine. Black hat tech is nothing but spamming the search engine. For an example using the keyword in the index page of a site many times is a black hat technique. Some times what people do is to use the same colour for the text and back ground that makes the robots to see the keywords but not to the human reader. Some other ways are link farms and doorway pages.

Door way pages are well optimized web pages and the purpose of these pages is to give direct web traffic to the different pages with the use of a redirect method.

It is easy to use the black hat techniques to make the system fool but while using this system you cant stay on the position for a long time and in this way the lost the game soon, so don’t need to worry about the black hatters. The existence of the black hatters is necessary as well because. There presence in the search engines cheats the bots and this makes the search engines to enhance the quality and efficiency of their software better. Lastly it will enable the search engine to make


~ by rahuljain07 on October 26, 2008.

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