SEO Strategies for On Page Optimization

SEM means Search Engine Marketing, SEM includes two basic types one is SEO and other one is SMO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and SMO means Search Media Optimization. SEO has also two parts on page optimization and off page optimization.

On page optimization is directly related to your site coding. The on page optimization used for good structure for your site. Any one can do the good on page optimization, if he/she has knowledge of HTML and CSS, both are important for that. Google always look on your site structure, a good optimization can attract Google to your site. Basic on page optimization includes some Meta tags, Meta description, Robot files and some other things. These all are very small things but they give unmatched profit to your site. Small things always put big impact in SEO. With out a good on page optimization, your off page optimization is effortless. If you are creating a new web site, you must think about all Meta tags, description and robot files. Robot files always hide your some images or some password fields from Google indexing. Some times a wrong use of robot files may harm your web sites. So be careful in the time of using.

A good SEO expert always keep in mind the importance of on page optimization. And of course on page and off page both are important for your site.


~ by rahuljain07 on October 20, 2008.

One Response to “SEO Strategies for On Page Optimization”

  1. Hello Rahul,
    I have gone through the article and its really informative i learn good things frm here thanks for such SEO Tips …….

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