Keyword is The Ultimate Weapon

If we talk about SEO Strategies, without keyword we can not fight with our competitors in this battle field of Internet marketing. Keyword is the ultimate weapon and we must use this weapon with keen observation of the site.

Keyword is the searching parameter for all the users of internet. Most often, sites having more than one keyword but I think, first we have to concentrate on the one keyword. Here are so many tips and suggestions available in the net for keyword selection. Your keyword must be the part of your site title, if possible always use H1 tag in keyword. Your site index page must have the frequency of 3-4 times. Using 2-3 keyword for the site has become the old strategy but still it works for our sites. Keyword selection depends on traffic, if you selected the keyword, which has been using by most of the internet users it would be helpful for your site. In all types of submissions of search engine marketing keyword plays a very important role. If you are doing directory submissions, try to give the title as you put on your site. Some sites use only keyword in the title for directory submissions, but it is not effect much. We can use full title as we put in our site index.

Here is the one of the SEO Strategies for keywords. Keyword is the most important thing, all SEO depends on keywords. If you are beginner in the SEO, you must be careful for keywords.


~ by rahuljain07 on October 14, 2008.

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