SEO Strategies

SEO, The acronym means “Search Engine Optimization”. According to Wikipedia SEO is the “Process of improving the volume and quality of the traffic to any web site via specific keywords”.

SEO has two parts-

1- On page optimization

2- Off page optimization

On page optimization is directly related to contents, HTML tags, structure of any web site. Before optimization any web site via SEM (Search engine marketing), this is very important to made it as per SEO requirement. This helps us in the indexing of Google. Google has some specific protocols for the web sites. Your site keyword must be in the meta tag, Index page of the site must contain at least 4-5% keyword in the content, etc. First the site must be On page optimized after that you can use off page optimization.

Off page optimization directly related to SEM. This stuff also contain so many types of optimization like article submission, link directory submission, blogging, Link exchange, affiliate marketing, etc. If your site is optimized properly in on page, then only off page works according to your need.

Vindia is the unique company which provides on page optimization which ultimately provides off page optimization.


~ by rahuljain07 on August 26, 2008.

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